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Asylum – Every year people come to the US seeking protection because they have suffered persecution or fear that they will suffer persecution due to race, religion, nationality, or political opinion. Individuals may be able to include immediate relatives who will also receive status in the US with work authorization. U-VISA If you have been the victim of a crime, and have cooperated with authorities in the prosecution of the perpetrator, you may be eligible to apply for a U-Visa. If approved for a U Visa, the applicant will subsequently be given legal status to live and work in the U.S. After 3 years of being in U-Visa status, the applicant may be able to adjust status to a lawful permanent resident. VAWA As a battered spouse, child or parent, you may file an immigrant visa petition under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA), as amended by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The VAWA provisions in the INA allow certain spouses, children, and parents of U.S. citizens and certain spouses and children of permanent residents (Green Card holders) to file a petition for themselves, without the abuser’s knowledge. This allows victims to seek both safety and independence from their abuser, who is not notified of the filing.

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