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Bankruptcy Attorney Berwyn, Illinois

Bankruptcy Attorney in Berwyn, Illinois

Are you worried about losing your home, vehicles, or property? Are you late on a mortgage or car payment? Can’t you afford to make payments on your credit cards or medical bills? At Victory Law, our Bankruptcy attorneys are here to help you through your financial distress and get you a fresh start! Upon filing for bankruptcy, the automatic stay goes into effect which obligates all of your creditors to immediately halt all collection activities, foreclosure, and vehicle repossession.

Filing a bankruptcy on your own is complex and risky. There are different options for filing bankruptcy, therefore working with an experienced bankruptcy attorney is of utmost importance to protect your interests and whatever assets you may have. During your free initial consultation, one of our Bankruptcy attorneys will thoroughly analyze your current financial situation and provide you with the best available options!


Eliminate most debt and get a fresh start! Chapter 7, or Liquidation bankruptcy, eliminates most of your debt while allowing you to retain all, or in certain circumstances some, of your possessions. Under federal bankruptcy law, there are many exemptions that will allow you to protect your property, including but not limited to your home, vehicle and retirement plans. Generally, you will be qualified to file a Chapter 7 if your average monthly income is less than the median income for a household your size in your residing state. If your income is greater than the median and no special exceptions apply, then you may need to consider a Chapter 13.

Debts that are dischargeable under a Chapter 7 include but not limited to: Credit Cards; Medical Bills; Repossessions; Judgments; Loans- Payday & Personal. Non-dischargeable debts include but are not limited to: Certain Taxes; Child Support; Alimony; Student Loans; Court fines and/or restitution.

The filing fee to the Bankruptcy Court is currently $335.00.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Behind on your mortgage or car payments?  A Chapter 13 filing will halt foreclosure proceedings and may allow you to repay unpaid mortgage payments through a repayment plan. Chapter 13 protects your property by stopping a foreclosure and/or repossessions. Is your driver’s license suspended for delinquent parking ticket fines or child support arrearage? Get your driver license back. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a reorganization and partial repayment of debts based upon what you can afford.

The filing fee to the Bankruptcy Court is currently $310.00


Have you previously filed a bankruptcy and wish to convert it to a different Chapter? Stop in to discuss the option of being qualified for a Bankruptcy Conversion.



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