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The Best Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

Finding the Best Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney


Making the decision to file for bankruptcy can be a very stressful time for an individual so it is important to find a good bankruptcy attorney to assist you through the process. When looking for an attorney be sure to find one that can help you understand the difference between various Chapters of bankruptcy. At the very least the attorney should be able to advise you on both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies in order to determine which is best for you.

When to Declare Bankruptcy?
Filing for bankruptcy is an important and serious step in a person’s life. Many factors can lead to the decision to file bankruptcy. If you have reached the point where you can no longer afford to make payments on your various debts it may be time to consider filing bankruptcy. When making the decision to file for bankruptcy you should consider consulting with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who can ensure you file the right kind of bankruptcy and who can help you protect any assets that you may have.

Role of Bankruptcy Law Attorney

Bankruptcy can be a complex area of the law. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can guide you through the process and make it easier to understand. The bankruptcy attorney can explain different chapters of bankruptcy to you, go through all of your assets to determine the best way to proceed, as well as be preparing the bankruptcy petition, filing the bankruptcy, and be guiding you through the court process. A good bankruptcy attorney will prepare your petition and then review it with you prior to filing. Post-filing the bankruptcy attorney will attend your 341 meeting with you where you will meet with your bankruptcy trustee. An experienced bankruptcy attorney can make this whole process relatively smooth with very few worries for you.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Most consumer bankruptcy cases will result in the filing of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Making the decision as to what chapter of bankruptcy to file can be done much more quickly with the help of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Each chapter has its own pros and cons and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can quickly sort out these pros and cons in relation to your individual case. Further, the attorney can help you understand the potential risks to each chapter and help you evaluate which will be best for you based on your financial situation and your future financial goals.

Finding the best bankruptcy attorney can make your filing of a bankruptcy a streamlined process and can you leave you feeling less stressed knowing that an experienced attorney is handling your case with the utmost care.





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